Emotional Mastery (mx)

Let’s now take a moment to leap to another segment of the MasterMind Matrix chart. This segment helps explain the hidden meaning behind all our emotional experiences.

Before the turn of the century, Anthony Robbins figured out that our emotions can be classified into 10 distinct categories. These categories include anger, discomfort, hurt, fear, frustration, disappointment, guilt, inadequacy, overwhelm, and loneliness.

These emotions are neither good nor bad. Likewise, they are neither helpful nor unhelpful, and neither productive nor unproductive. Our emotions are what we make of them and how we choose to utilize them.

For instance, let’s look at the emotion of frustration. Frustration is an experience of being held back from something we want. For this reason, most people will find frustration to be quite debilitating. However, frustration can also be quite empowering as it informs us that what we’re currently doing isn’t working. This, subsequently, provides us with an opportunity to adapt our approach and adjust our course of action moving forward.

Emotional Mastery

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