Emotional State (mx)

Your emotional state is nothing more but an external manifestation of the workings of your inner world.

The emotional state we experience is directly and somewhat indirectly influenced by everything we have discussed so far. Likewise, it’s influenced by everything we are still yet to discuss as we move through the MasterMind Matrix.

The emotions you experience — at any given moment — are chosen by you, and only you. At times, you are choosing them consciously, while at other times this happens unconsciously.

Because you choose your emotions, you can, therefore, choose to experience a different set of emotions that work in your favor. This comes down to proactively taking charge of your emotions rather than reacting emotionally to the events and circumstances of your life.

Each emotion you experience, does, however, have a positive intention. It’s very much like a compass that guides you down an optimal path. Your emotions are there to provide you with the insights you need to live your best life.

Emotional State

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