Find Your Ikigai

The Find Your Ikigai IQ Matrix explores how to find your purpose and calling so that you can do and get paid for what you love. Ikigai philosophy promotes finding joy, meaning, and purpose in everyday life. It is based on the idea that everyone has something unique to offer […]

Realistic Thinking

The Realistic Thinking IQ Matrix explores the fundamental principles and dynamics that build the groundwork for thinking realistically, objectively, and logically about everyday problems and circumstances. To think realistically, you must become aware of the world around you. Only in this way will you gain an accurate view of the world and […]

Rules for Staying Poor

The Rules for Staying Poor IQ Matrix explores various rules that poor people adhere to each day that hinders their ability to get out of debt and build financial abundance. To become wealthy, you need the right mindset and good financial habits while having the ability to think rationally and objectively about […]

Focused Thinking

The Focused Thinking IQ Matrix explores methods that will help you to solve problems, improve productivity, and accelerate your results as you work toward your goals. The map takes you through a process that starts with clarifying what you want and the goals you would like to achieve. Focused thinking […]

Strategic Thinking

The Strategic Thinking IQ Matrix explores how to think strategically when confronted with complex problems and circumstances. Learning how to think strategically about your problems brings more clarity of thought to your decision-making, which subsequently improves your chances of yielding a positive outcome. Once you have clarified your vision and the broader […]

Big Picture Thinking

The Big Picture Thinking IQ Matrix explores how to think more expansively and broadly about the goals and objectives you want to achieve. BIG Picture Thinking expands how you look at the world around you. It’s about not wasting time on irrelevant things that take you no close to your desired outcomes. […]

Inverted Thinking

The Inverted Thinking IQ Matrix explores an alternate way to think about your life, problems, and circumstances. Instead of thinking about what can be done, inverted thinking challenges you to consider what can’t be done. Instead of thinking about how to succeed, you reflect on how you could potentially fail and the […]

Shift Your Identity

The Shift Your Identity IQ Matrix explores what it takes to successfully transition from “who you are” today into the person you would like to become tomorrow. Each of us is limited by the identities we choose to adopt. This process of adoption can even take place at an unconscious level. In […]

Discover Your Values

The Discover Your Values IQ Matrix explores how to uncover the personal values that hold the most meaning and significance in your life. Once you’re clear about your personal values, they will help guide every decision you make—directing you to higher levels of satisfaction and fulfillment in every aspect of […]

Feelings of Inadequacy

The Feelings of Inadequacy IQ Matrix explores how to effectively work through feelings of inadequacy and strengthen your self-confidence. When we feel inadequate, we often experience a sense of worthlessness. Moreover, we feel incompetent, incapable, and the feeling that we’re just not good enough. This tears down our self-esteem and […]