Heal Shame

The Heal Shame IQ Matrix explores how to better manage and work through feelings of shame. There are many authentic and helpful emotions that we experience throughout our lives. Shame, however, isn’t one of these emotions. Feeling ashamed does us no good. Guilt and regret, for instance, provide us with valuable feedback […]

Hack Regret

The Hack Regret IQ Matrix explores how to work through feelings of regret that can often sabotage our state of mind and the hope we have for the future. Living with regret weighs heavily on the heart and can at times trigger deeper feelings of dissatisfaction and depression. Moreover, it can negatively […]

Hack Guilt

The Hack Guilt IQ Matrix explores a straightforward and progressive method you can use to ease and release feelings of guilt. Living with guilt is a huge burden that nobody should have to deal with. It saps our energy and makes life miserable. This mind map walks you through a four-step process […]

Hack Your Nerves

The Hack Your Nerves IQ Matrix explores an effective process you can use to settle your nerves in various situations. The mind map breaks down four steps you can take that will help you to mentally and physically work through moments when your nerves get the better of you. The map not […]

Heal Hurt

The Heal Hurt IQ Matrix explores how to proactively work through feelings of hurt in an optimal way. Any time we are invested emotionally in something or in someone, and any time we come into a situation with certain expectations – there will always be a chance of getting hurt. In some […]

Hack Anger

The Hack Anger IQ Matrix explores how to effectively work through the feeling of anger in a proactive and helpful way. This mind map will help you recognize your anger; to objectively assess the situation; to evaluate your perspective and goals, and to choose an appropriate response that helps resolve your feelings […]

Hack Stress

The Hack Stress IQ Matrix explores a process of steps you can use to alleviate stress and gain more peace of mind. The mind map presents you with an emotional self-management plan that will help you to better manage your stress levels throughout the day. Any time stress starts to get the […]

Hack Fear

The Hack Fear IQ Matrix explores how to effectively work through mild to moderate fears that are holding you back from achieving your goals. The mind map will help you to recognize your fears, to assess the validity of your fears, and to successfully work through your fears in a practical and […]

Hack Worry

The Hack Worry IQ Matrix explores how to effectively work through your worries in practical and helpful ways. The mind map breaks down how to recognize moments of worry. It then presents you with several questions you can ask yourself to help you assess the validity of your worries. Once you have […]

Hack Anxiety

The Hack Anxiety IQ Matrix explores how to effectively work through feelings of anxiety when facing uncertainty and discomfort. The mind map breaks down how to recognize those feelings and how to evaluate and work through them in an optimal way. Scattered throughout the mind map are a variety of questions you […]