Hack Anxiety

The Hack Anxiety IQ Matrix explores how to effectively work through feelings of anxiety when facing uncertainty and discomfort. The mind map breaks down how to recognize those feelings and how to evaluate and work through them in an optimal way. Scattered throughout the mind map are a variety of questions you […]

Hack Disappointment

The Hack Disappointment IQ Matrix explores how to effectively work through your feelings of disappointment using four progressive stages of emotional development. These stages include recognizing your disappointment, evaluating your circumstances, learning from your experience, and exploring methods for turning disappointment into empowering action. Use these four stages to shift how you […]

Hack Overwhelm

The Hack Overwhelm IQ Matrix explores how to effectively work through feelings of overwhelm using four key principles. These principles include, first, recognizing your feelings of overwhelm and the struggles that are generating these feelings. Secondly, clarifying your goals, reasons, and perspective of the situation, then deciding how to proceed. […]

Hack Frustration

The Hack Frustration IQ Matrix explores four progressive steps you can take to successfully work through moments of frustration and achieve your desired outcome. These steps include recognizing your frustration, gaining clarity about the situation, assessing how you will handle things, and reframing your perspective to gain the leverage you […]

Clarity of Focus

The Clarity of Focus IQ Matrix provides guidance to help you better assess and evaluate what’s most important so you can make better life choices. People often get stuck focusing on the wrong things and getting lost in the non-essentials of life. This mind map explores how to identify those non-essentials and […]

Profession Lenses

The Profession Lenses IQ Matrix explores four lenses you can use to help you achieve your goals, overcome setbacks, solve problems, and inspire deeper levels of self-confidence. The lenses include the Scientist Lens, the Explorer Lens, the Detective Lens, and the Psychologist Lens. Each of these professions brings a unique perspective to […]

Overcome Struggle

The Overcome Struggle IQ Matrix explores what to do when life seems to be getting the better of you. You know those times when all you want to do is quit. When one too many setback and problems leave you feeling depressed and discouraged, that’s when this mind map will be of […]

Revenue Generator

The Revenue Generator IQ Matrix explores key methods for generating more revenue in your business. The mind map breaks down 8 areas with the greatest revenue potential. These areas include generating leads, increasing conversions, introducing an integrated product suite, increasing your prices, increasing payment frequency, acquiring promotional partners, acquiring resellers, and acquiring […]

A Cure for Procrastination

A Cure for Procrastination IQ Matrix explores simple yet practical things you can do that will help you overcome habitual patterns of procrastination. The ideas presented within this mind map will help you explore reasons why you’re procrastinating; prepare an empowering morning routine along with focus questions; schedule your day more effectively […]

Escape Self-Doubt

The Escape Self-Doubt IQ Matrix explores how to overcome the doubts that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Self-doubt is often the dividing line between successful and unsuccessful people. Successful people have learned how to overcome their doubts. They, therefore, move forward with confidence, even in the midst of uncertainty. […]