Overcome Struggle

The Overcome Struggle IQ Matrix explores what to do when life seems to be getting the better of you. You know those times when all you want to do is quit. When one too many setback and problems leave you feeling depressed and discouraged, that’s when this mind map will be of […]

Revenue Generator

The Revenue Generator IQ Matrix explores key methods for generating more revenue in your business. The mind map breaks down 8 areas with the greatest revenue potential. These areas include generating leads, increasing conversions, introducing an integrated product suite, increasing your prices, increasing payment frequency, acquiring promotional partners, acquiring resellers, and acquiring […]

A Cure for Procrastination

A Cure for Procrastination IQ Matrix explores simple yet practical things you can do that will help you overcome habitual patterns of procrastination. The ideas presented within this mind map will help you explore reasons why you’re procrastinating; prepare an empowering morning routine along with focus questions; schedule your day more effectively […]

Escape Self-Doubt

The Escape Self-Doubt IQ Matrix explores how to overcome the doubts that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Self-doubt is often the dividing line between successful and unsuccessful people. Successful people have learned how to overcome their doubts. They, therefore, move forward with confidence, even in the midst of uncertainty. […]

Achieve Things Faster

The Achieve Things Faster IQ Matrix explores key things you can immediately do that will help you accelerate the time it takes you to accomplish your goals. It’s easy to set big goals. In fact, many people set challenging goals, but very few actually achieve them. And for the few who achieve […]

Life Transitions

The Life Transitions IQ Matrix explores how to successfully move through change and transition periods in your life and career. Meaningful change is rarely easy and can be complex at times. This map will help you to move through that change in an optimal way. When you understand how to effectively work […]

The Four Tendencies

The Four Tendencies IQ Matrix explores four indispensable personality profiles that reveal how to make your life better. These four tendencies are based on the book The Four Tendencies written by Gretchen Rubin. These four tendencies are based on the premise that it’s far easier to succeed when we know what works […]

Thrive Amid Chaos

The Thrive Amid Chaos IQ Matrix explores how to find the strength and clarity you need to make the best of chaotic and difficult situations. During chaotic times, it’s very important that we are proactive in how we handle things. It’s easy during a crisis to react and overreact emotionally to the […]

Enduring Happiness

The Enduring Happiness IQ Matrix explores what it takes to live a happy and fulfilling life without all the mental and emotional baggage that most of us carry around. Happiness always starts with a thought. We feel happy or unhappy based on the thoughts we choose to dwell upon. This map helps […]

Ambitious Living

The Ambitious Living IQ Matrix explores what it takes to think and live an ambitious life in the pursuit of your goals. Ambitious people think and act a certain way each day. They set clear goals, understand how to prioritize tasks and activities, and have very specific rituals and routines in place […]