Strategic Thinking

The Strategic Thinking IQ Matrix explores how to think strategically when confronted with complex problems and circumstances. Learning how to think strategically about your problems brings more clarity of thought to your decision-making, which subsequently improves your chances of yielding a positive outcome. Once you have clarified your vision and the broader goal you want to achieve, this map then walks you through how to overcome problems that will potentially hinder your progress. Working through the map will upgrade how you think and allow you to work through the problems you face far more efficiently. You will then be able to apply these thinking and processing skills to any area or aspect of your life.

Strategic Thinking mind map

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Strategic Thinking IQ Matrix:

  • ADVANTAGES: Strategic thinking requires having the ability to think systematically, considering all factors while calculating probabilities and the consequences of your decisions. The first branch of this map dives into the various advantages and benefits of learning how to think strategically about your life and circumstances. The remaining branches explore how to think through a problem strategically.
  • HOW TO: When it comes to strategic thinking, your first objective is to get clear on your vision and the broader goals you would like to achieve. Once you have clarity in these areas, your next step is to identify the problems you face, get clear on the outcomes you would like to realize and gather the necessary feedback and information needed to work through your issues successfully.
  • HOW TO: Strategic thinking involves the process of reflecting simultaneously on the past, present, and future. When you do this, it helps you gain the clarity you need to make better decisions. The second branch of this map walks you through how to think broadly about your problem. It also explores how to anticipate problems and identify opposing views.
  • HOW TO: Thinking strategically requires curiosity, creativity, and a dose of skepticism. Moreover, you need to be constantly challenging the assumptions that might hold you back or prevent you from seeing things clearly. The last branch of this map walks you through these critical areas as you continue to think through your problem in a strategic way.

This map provides a roadmap and framework for thinking strategically about your life, business, and problems. Referencing it regularly and committing it to memory will help you to embed these concepts and ideas into your subconscious mind.

A mind map, of course, does this beautifully because it mirrors the synaptic connections made in your brain as you try to establish new habits of thought and behavior. It brings together key concepts and ideas that help your brain to fully integrate and process this information. The brain, subsequently, rewires itself as it attempts to establish new habits of mind. It’s an ideal tool for creating lasting change and transformation.

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