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The Hack Frustration IQ Matrix explores four progressive steps you can take to successfully work through moments of frustration and achieve your desired outcome. These steps include recognizing your frustration, gaining clarity about the situation, assessing how you will handle things, and reframing your perspective to gain the leverage you need to handle things successfully. Each of these steps are accompanied by a series of questions that will help you to objectively work through your feelings of frustration in optimal and helpful ways.Hack Frustration mind map

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Hack Frustration IQ Matrix:

  • RECOGNIZE: First, you must recognize moments of frustration and the triggers that typically lead to these frustrations. The first branch walks you through what to look out for as you feel the frustration coming on.
  • CLARIFY: Once you have recognized your frustrations, your next step is to clarify precisely what’s going on and why you’re feeling frustrated. This second branch helps you clarify your desired objective, your perspective of the situation, the obstacles hindering your progress, and reasons why you might be feeling frustrated.
  • ASSESS: Now, it comes time to assess what’s working and what’s not working. This third branch walks you through a series of questions that will help you to figure out how to work through your frustrations in optimal ways.
  • REFRAME: The final branch of this mind map adds another layer to your thought structure. It does this by providing you with methods for reframing your frustrations in more helpful ways. These reframing methods will challenge you to think differently about your situation, and thereby help you to find the solutions you are after.

Use this map as a reference guide and reminder tool to help you get a handle on your frustrations. No longer will frustration get the better of you. You will, instead, use moments of frustration in resourceful ways to help you accomplish your goals.

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