About the MasterMind Matrix (mx)

The MasterMind Matrix pieces together some of the most valuable strategies, tools, and techniques taken from the psychology of achievement.

The chart provides you with a framework for understanding your behavior and for achieving your goals. In fact, all those self-help books you’ve been reading over the years will now start to make perfect sense the moment you see how everything is interconnected and intertwined within the big picture.

MasterMind Matrix 4.1

As I was looking around the Matrix it felt like someone had put a balloon in my brain and was pumping it up…what I mean by that is, it encompasses all of the many hundreds of books I have read on my own personal journey and it feels like this is a Master Plan that brings everything together; that makes the connections.
I feel this is a wonderful overview and guide to self-improvement and it will enable readers to quickly identify where they are in their own personal development, and where they need to concentrate their attention and efforts to make further progress.”

— Paul Foreman

There are now over 400 IQ Matrix maps that form the bedrock of this chart.

What you will discover in the video below and as you continue to explore this chart is that you wield the power to change your life and circumstances.

Working through this information will help you to better understand how each component of the MasterMind Matrix influences the human psyche as we work on pursuing a goal.

The video below is based on Version 2.0 of the MasterMind Matrix chart. However, the written content you will find here is based on Version 4.0 of the chart. So, even though you will see some visual differences between the video and the images you will find on this website, the concepts are still the same.

The Concept Behind the MasterMind Matrix

The MasterMind Matrix is a map of the unconscious, conscious and semiconscious patterns of behavior that we indulge in every single waking and sleeping moment.

Whether you want to improve your academic performance, desire to climb the career ladder or seek to attain your most sought-after goals, this chart will help guide you in the right direction.

In its purest form, the MasterMind Matrix is essentially nothing more than a process of how we condition ourselves and how we are conditioned by our environment and others over a lifetime.

Adjust any one of the major “conditioning” forces along the MasterMind Matrix and you begin to positively transform your life in remarkable ways.

The MasterMind Matrix is an ideal self-coaching reference tool for any challenges you might face on your journey as you work toward your goals. You can use it to help you successfully re-calibrate your behavior, mindset, habits, and decisions where needed.

The MasterMind Matrix is also an ideal supplementary life coaching tool. It can assist life coaches to better identify and understand where their clients are struggling. They can then use the chart to develop an effective blueprint and action plan for guiding their clients through these challenges.

So whether for self-coaching or for life coaching purposes, the MasterMind Matrix is an effective reference tool that provides you with a bigger picture understanding of the path that you or your client needs to take to achieve goals and objectives.

The MasterMind Matrix is in many ways a culmination of knowledge, strategies, and techniques brought about by the work of hundreds of business, psychology and personal development experts spanning the past 100 years of human history.

This chart integrates aspects of Neural Linguistic Programming, Neural Associative Conditioning, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Counseling, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behavior Psychology, Psychotherapy, Metaphysics Principles, Life Coaching Strategies, and the fundamentals principles of life, success, self-development and spiritual manifestation.

The significant advantages that the MasterMind Matrix has over traditional life coaching methods is that it presents you with a map of interconnecting fragments of life-skill training zones that merge together to form a path leading to the opportunity for self-transformation.

The MasterMind Matrix basically takes a snapshot of your entire life on a conscious and unconscious level of awareness and puts your strengths and weaknesses into perspective. As a result, you suddenly come to an understanding of how you created your current life reality including all of your limitations, fears, beliefs, emotions, and habits.

With these personal insights at the forefront of your mind, you come to realize the transformational power of your habitual patterns of behavior. This awareness thrusts you into action — encouraging you to make the necessary changes that propel your life forward in ways that may previously have seemed improbable.

Touching on every major life area, the MasterMind Matrix guides you through a detailed life plan that directs your actions, emotions, thinking and habitual patterns of behavior toward your academic, life, career, sport, and business objectives.

In the end, the purpose of the MasterMind Matrix is to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you desire your life to be at some point in the future.

Click here to read the full story of how the MasterMind Matrix was created.

Let’s Go On A Journey…

Imagine for a moment delving into the deepest recesses of your mind — into your unconscious reservoirs of experience and seeing your habitual patterns and internal thinking processes vividly presented before you at a fully conscious level of awareness.

It’s like walking blindly your entire life, yet now, for the first time, you start seeing the light. You awaken from your slumber to new understandings and perspectives about yourself, others, and the world around you.

As you make progress along this journey you begin to understand that there is so much more to life than what you consciously imagined.

Your thoughts, habits, beliefs, values, needs, questions, language patterns, attitudes, self-concept, emotions, and decisions all come into perspective like you’ve never experienced them before.

You finally realize all the conscious, unconscious, and semiconscious mistakes you’ve been making over a lifetime. Likewise, you now fully understand why you’ve been caught in a web of failure, self-sabotage, and regret.

Fully realizing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you now understand exactly what you must do to achieve your wildest dreams using precise, intelligent, conscious tactics that will guide you toward the achievement of your goals.

This and more is possible as you begin to explore the MasterMind Matrix!

Working with the Chart

Each article on this website explores a different segment of the MasterMind Matrix. A short description of each section is provided along with a visualization.

Within each article you will find links to relevant IQ Matrix maps that are part of that segment of the chart. Clicking on these links will provide you with more information about each map. From there you can read detailed summaries (if available) for each map on the IQ Matrix blog.

On each article page, you will also find helpful links and resources from around the web that provide you with more detailed information about each segment of the MasterMind Matrix. Reading these resources and the relevant IQ Matrix summaries will provide you with a detailed breakdown of each section of the chart.

And if you would like to go into even more detail, then you will find several recommended books that will provide you with more information about topics explored within that particular segment of the MasterMind Matrix.

As you work your way through each article you will come across certain segments that will resonate with you. You might, for instance, experience an “Aha” moment where something suddenly begins to make sense.

When you experience these moments, take time to go through each of the IQ Matrix maps that pertain to that particular section of the chart. Also, have a read of the blog summaries that accompany some of these maps. Reading through this material will provide with the knowledge and understanding you need to fully grasp each topic.

There is, of course, a lot more that could be said here. However, the best way to begin the journey is to take that first step. 🙂

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  2. okafor Chinyere matthew

    Hi Adam your video is very interesting and inspiring, please I have a question I want to ask you. What is the cause of people who spend their time studying in other to gain knowledge but never seems to improve.

    1. Adam Sicinski

      Hi Okafor. There could be a number of reasons for this. For starters it could be a learning disability, or it could be a lack of motivation, or they are just easily distracted and lose focus and concentration. They could also have poor study habits. A lack of adequate rest and sleep could also be a reason. What they are learning might not be what they’re passionate about or it might not be relevant and applicable to their life and circumstances. Also they are possibly not learning using all their senses or not tapping into the seven intelligences. You will find that I have discussed many of the topics here and on the IQ Matrix website.

      I hope that helps answer your question.

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