Life Coaching Funnel

The Life Coaching Funnel IQ Matrix delves into a life coaching process you can use with your clients to help them successfully achieve their desired objectives. The funnel walk your client through a process that helps them to transition from focusing on a problem toward building a plan of action that’s centered around a specific goal that they would like to achieve. The process involves four distinctive steps and an additional introductory step that allows you to profile your client and gain the necessary information you need to move through the life coaching funnel successfully.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Life Coaching Funnel IQ Matrix:

  • Client Profiling:  This initial introductory step involves asking your client a specific set of questions that will allow you to gather unique and valuable insights about their life and circumstances. The answers to these questions will lay down the foundations for the issue/s that you will explore as you move through the life coaching funnel.
  • Clarify Goal:  The first step of the life coaching funnel involves flipping the problem or issue that your client is experiencing onto its head by turning it into a specific goal that is encapsulated within a single statement. This statement will then be used as a guide for this process as you move through the remaining stages of the life coaching funnel. This branch guides you through the first step of this process by presenting you with key questions that you might like to ask your client to help them clarify the goal that they would like to achieve.
  • Explore Issues:  Having specified a goal and a date for its accomplishment, it is now time to do a little probing and explore the problem/issue in more detail. While probing your client about the issue at hand, it’s important that you gauge your client’s internal responses to the problem. This will provide you with the relevant insights you need to ask the right kinds of questions to help them move forward toward their desired objective in a more positive way.
  • Develop Options:  The third step of the life coaching funnel involves brainstorming potential solutions that might help your client to overcome their problem and achieve their goal. Within this step it’s important that your client let’s go of all inhibitions when it comes to creative thinking. You now as a coach become a “creative thinking director” — guiding your client through a creative thinking process to help them develop appropriate solutions moving forward.
  • Make a Decision:  Once potential solutions and options have been laid down on the table, it is now time to make a decision and select the most appropriate course of action moving forward. Here you must ask your client a specific set of questions that will help them clarify the best option moving forward.
  • Take Action:  The final step of the life coaching funnel involves developing a very specific plan of action with your client that will help them to accomplish their desired objective. It’s important at this final stage that you gain commitment from your client; that you encourage decisive action; and that your client holds themselves accountable for the steps they are about to take.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate this process into your life coaching practice, and you will progressively help your clients to move from a problem towards a very specific goal that will allow them to move forward in a more positive way. This process can also of course be used for self-coaching purposes to help guide yourself away from your problems and into a more resourceful and “action-oriented” state of mind.

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