Total Life Reinvention

The Total Life Reinvention IQ Matrix explores what it takes to completely reinvent yourself and change your life for the better. All of us go through periods of stagnation where we just kind of feel stuck and unable to move forward. It’s these exact moments that provide us with an opportunity for transformation; an opportunity for reinvention. This map walks you through how to reinvent yourself and your life using a six-step process that will help transform how you think, work, play and live.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Total Life Reinvention IQ Matrix:

  • Total Life Reinvention:  The first branch of this map explores what it truly means to reinvent your life for the better. In addition to this, the branch also breaks down what it takes to successfully reinvent your life.
  • The Reinvention Process:  The second and third branches of this map walk you through a six-step process for total life reinvention. Each step of this process presents you with very specific action points supported with questions that will challenge you to think about your life in new and more empowering ways. These steps will help you to effectively build a plan of action for your life reinvention.
  • Guidelines for Reinvention:  The final branch of this map presents you with several guidelines to help support your plan of action for total life reinvention.

As you progressively work through this map you will begin feeling more empowered and certain that you are in control of your destiny. Furthermore, by following the six step process you will effectively lay down a course of action that will help you to progressively reinvent yourself and your life.

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