Shift Your Identity

The Shift Your Identity IQ Matrix explores what it takes to successfully transition from “who you are” today into the person you would like to become tomorrow. Each of us is limited by the identities we choose to adopt. This process of adoption can even take place at an unconscious level. In fact, your identity might not even be all your own doing.

Your self-identity is often reflected in your insecurities, habits, beliefs, actions, and traits. These identities you choose to adopt can either limit your abilities or expand your possibilities.

This map walks you through a process that will transform you at your core. When you adopt a new self-identity, everything changes. You essentially become a new version of yourself as you begin to encapsulate a different set of beliefs, habits, actions, and behaviors. Working through this process of shifting your identity could completely transform how you see yourself and how you interact with the world.

Shift Your Identity mind map

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Shift Your Identity IQ Matrix:

  • SELF-IDENTITY: Your self-identity, in a nutshell, is a culmination of memories and experiences that have shaped your life. This identity guides every decision you make and action you choose to take (or choose not to take). The first branch of this map walks you through how our identities emerge from our insecurities, habits, beliefs, behaviors, and the stories we tell ourselves. These stories define who you are and, therefore, either limit or expand what you’re capable of at any given moment.
  • EXPLORE: To transform who we are at our core requires understanding how we are at our core. The second branch of this map helps you identify the identities you currently embody and the potential problems they are creating in your life. It also walks you through a goal-setting process where you are tasked to identify who you would like to become, which reflects the types of identities you would like to embody.
  • BEGIN: Shifting your identity requires transforming yourself at your core. This won’t happen overnight but rather progressively over time. Hence, it requires a great deal of focus, dedication, and discipline. The third branch of this map moves you through the steps you need to take to begin shifting to your new self-identity (or identities). This process involves adopting a new story and a different set of beliefs, habits, and actions that accompany that story.
  • CREATE: The final branch of this map delves into several critical things you can do to transition from your old identity to your new identity successfully. It specifically breaks down the value of visualization, role-playing, the importance of creating visual reminders, and going after small wins. Incorporating these practices will help you shift your identity far more quickly and easily.

This map provides a roadmap and framework for changing how you live and define yourself through the process of shifting your identity. Referencing it regularly and committing it to memory will help you to embed these concepts and ideas into your subconscious mind.

A mind map, of course, does this beautifully because it mirrors the synaptic connections made in your brain as you try to establish new habits of thought and behavior. It brings together key concepts and ideas that help your brain to fully integrate and process this information. The brain, subsequently, rewires itself as it attempts to establish new habits of mind. It’s an ideal tool for creating lasting change and transformation.

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