Mental Strategies and Psychological Modeling (mx)

From the earliest age, our lives revolve around other people. We communicate with them, play with them, work with them, fight with them — all the while forming tight emotional bonds and connections.

These interactions we have with others affect us at a deep psychological level.

The people in our lives not only influence how we behave, but also what we say, what we believe, value, and even our physiological state. In fact, every decision you make and thought you have is not entirely your own. It’s rather a mishmash of other people’s thoughts, ideas, opinions, and concepts.

This adoption (modeling) process often occurs at an unconscious level of awareness. However, it can also become a conscious process. In fact, it can be used to help us acquire the necessary skills, habits, values, and beliefs we need to accomplish our goals.

We can consciously choose to model people we admire and adopt their personality, characteristics, behaviors, and mental strategies into our own psyche. We can use them as a model for positive change and transformation.

Mental Strategies and Psychological Modeling

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