What is the MasterMind Matrix?

The MasterMind Matrix is a map showing the unconscious, conscious and semiconscious patterns of behavior that we experience every single waking and sleeping moment. It is made up of many parts and segments that interlock and intertwine in a variety of ways. Alter any one of the psychological components within the MasterMind Matrix and you will begin shifting your thoughts, beliefs, values, behavior, and actions in ways that will help move your life forward in a better way.

There are currently 450+ IQ Matrix maps that form the bedrock of this chart. What you will discover within this Knowledge Base is an exploration of this chart and its major components. Working through this information will help you to better understand how each component of the MasterMind Matrix influences the human psyche over the course of our lives while in the pursuit of our goals.

Getting Started

Below you can watch a video overview of the chart. This 30 minute overview is by no means comprehensive. However, it will walk you through the major components of this chart.

For a more detailed overview of the chart and access to hundreds of additional online resources that help expand each segment of the MasterMind Matrix, please get started with the 76 Part Break Down of the MasterMind Matrix chart.

Searching the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base has a live search feature. Simply type in a topic you are interested learning more about. For instance typing in "fear" or "procrastination" will reveal IQ Matrix maps and segments of the MasterMind Matrix that discuss that particular topic. Clicking on any of these search results will automatically take you to the relevant article page.

While conducting a search you might also come across tags and categories for the topic you searched for. These tags and categories are normally displayed below other results. Clicking on them will automatically take you to the relevant tag and category pages.

To view a list of all available categories please click on the Knowledge Base button above.

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