Self-Esteem Builder (NLP)

The Self-Esteem Builder IQ Matrix and accompanying 15 page eBook explores a 7-step process you can use to enhance your self-esteem and build your self-confidence. You can use this process throughout the day while working on tasks and activities. This process of steps is based on Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles that can help us to rewrite habitual psychological neural patterns that prevent us from performing at our best.Self-Esteem Builder

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This is a supplementary map for the Raising Self-Esteem IQ Matrix (#0080).

As you work through this 7 step process you will progressively rewire your brain and rewrite habitual patterns that negatively impact your self-esteem. This map will ultimately allow you to unleash the self-confidence you need to overcome your insecurities and fears and achieve your goals.

Here is a quick breakdown of each step of the Self-Esteem Builder mind map.

  • PURPOSE: The purpose of the Self-Esteem Builder is to help you develop your self-esteem and build more confidence throughout the day.
  • Step 1: Tune into your feelings throughout the day and recognize when lacking confidence.
  • Step 2: Assess how feeling, what focusing on, how speaking, moving, and interpreting your events and circumstances.
  • Step 3: Create an ideal future version of yourself that has the necessary confidence and resources.
  • Step 4: Assess how your future self is feeling, what focusing on, how speaking, moving, and interacting with the environment.
  • Step 5: Surround the image you have of yourself and your future self in two separate bubbles.
  • Step 6: Make your current reality bubble tiny and your future self bubble large. Feel what your future self feels in that bubble.
  • Step 7: Place replicas and clones of your future self bubble along your timeline.

This map provides a framework for building your self-esteem. Referencing it regularly and committing this process to memory will help you to embed these principles into your subconscious mind. Only in this way will you overcome the fears and insecurities that are holding you back from accomplishing your goals.

A mind map, of course, does this beautifully because it mirrors the synaptic connections made in your brain as you try to establish new habits of thought and behavior. It brings together key concepts and ideas that help your brain to fully integrate and process this information. The brain, subsequently, rewires itself as it attempts to establish new habits of mind. It’s an ideal tool for creating lasting change and transformation.

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