Visualization and Affirmations (mx)

Have you ever tried visualizing a goal? Or how about visualizing a desired future event? For a great many people, visualization is simply a process where we create our future in advance in our minds-eye. However, visualization is also so much more.

Visualization is an inner transformation that leads to the realization of outer results in the real world. It’s very much a creative form of thinking and imagining where you consciously create and shape your life with purpose.

Brain studies have revealed that our thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions. What this means is that how we mentally rehearse something in our minds (through the process of visualization) impacts many cognitive processes in the brain including motor control, attention perception, planning, and memory.

Visualization, of course, won’t automatically manifest what you want in your life. However, it will stimulate the Reticular Activating System in the brain. This will, subsequently, help enhance your awareness of opportunities and any information associated with what you are recalling in your imagination.


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