The Path of Transformation (mx)

To maneuver yourself off the beaten Path of Self-Destruction, you need to first commit yourself to overcome your limiting patterns of behavior.

Change, of course, happens when we become consciously aware of these patterns. When you become fed-up living through the consequences of your behavior, that’s when you’ll instigate change.

To make any change stick, you must first train yourself to better manage your fears and emotional responses. All this comes back to developing your emotional intelligence.

As you become more emotionally intelligent, you will tend to make better choices. This will, likewise, help you transform your limiting habits and the patterns of behavior that have so far held you back in life.

Change typically happens the moment you decide to leave your past behind and build a better future.

Along the way you must, however, acquire relevant resources, support, skills, knowledge, and the mental strategies you will need to help you deal with the challenges you’re likely to face along your journey.

The Path of Transformation

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