Taking Massive Action

The Taking Massive Action IQ Matrix will show you the real effort and work it takes to achieve your life’s goals. Many people have big goals and aspirations, however many of those people never achieve them because they simply do not take enough action that will help move their life forward. It’s not talent, knowledge or skill that will help you achieve your goals. It’s rather how much effort you are willing to put into every single day up until the moment your goal is fully within your grasp. Doing what the average person does will create average results. You must begin doing more, much more than you ever thought was possible. Only in this way will your goals become reality.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Taking Massive Action IQ Matrix:

  • Requirements for Massive Action:  Taking massive action towards any goal requires that you follow-through with the plans you set into motion. This first branch presents you with some insights about what it takes to think and act in a big way that will help create the momentum you need to achieve your goals.
  • Massive Action Process:  Waking up tomorrow and deciding to take massive action towards your goals will not work for most people. Most people have too much holding them back. There are a plethora of fears that might hold people back. There is also an inability to commit to tasks wholeheartedly. Then there is a lack of leverage that will keep them from persisting over the long haul. Therefore in order to lay down the groundwork for massive action it is helpful to move through a six step process that will help you build the foundations for the developing the habit of taking massive action.
  • The Action Taking Mindset:  Taking massive action isn’t just about “doing stuff” in a massive way. It’s rather a mindset and approach you take. You need to think a certain way and then be able to act with a winner’s attitude and mentality. You also need self-belief, self-confidence and a willingness to take risks. Without these ingredients — and other ingredients mentioned along this branch — you will simply not have the necessary mindset to take massive action over the long haul.
  • Guidelines for Taking Massive Action:  The final branch provides you with additional guidelines that will help you to get into the habit of taking massive action towards your goals and objectives. These guidelines provide you with insights about how to prepare for setbacks and resistance, and also identify what you must avoid and the things you should be focusing on when taking massive action.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your life, and you will progressively begin taking massive action towards your goals and objectives. Don’t your goals deserve your full effort and attention? When you put all of yourself and your resources behind them, then everything becomes possible.

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