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The Develop Competence IQ Matrix explores what it takes to develop a high level of competence and confidence in key areas of your life. Competence and confidence are often intertwined. One relies on the other when successfully performing a task. If we can, therefore, develop the competence to do something, then we will, likewise, have the confidence and self-belief that we can perform the task successfully. Alternatively, if we can work on developing more confidence in our ability to perform a task, then naturally our competence will also rise. You essentially can’t have one without the other, which is why this map not only breaks down how to develop more competence but also how to grow your confidence and improve your ability to get the job done successfully. And this can, of course, be applied to any area of your life where you feel you have a low level of competence.

Developing Competence mind map

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Develop Competence mind map:

  • HIGH COMPETENCE: To have competence means having sufficient confidence, skill, and knowledge to perform a task successfully. The first branch of this mind map breaks down what it takes to have a high level of competence in a certain area of your life. Specifically, this branch breaks down what a competent mindset looks like and how this affects performance.
  • LOW COMPETENCE: To have a low level of competence means having insufficient confidence, skill, and knowledge to perform a task successfully. The second branch of this mind map breaks down the mindset and results of a person who lacks the competence to perform a task successfully. You will notice here the negative and unfortunate impact that low competence has on a person’s ability to get a job done.
  • DEVELOP COMPETENCE: Developing more competence in a certain area of your life begins with an understanding of your goals and objectives. Once you know what you want, then you can start making the necessary changes that will help develop your competence. The third branch of this IQ Matrix helps you evaluate what knowledge, expertise, behaviors, attributes, and skills are required to get a job done successfully. From there you need to focus on learning and challenging yourself to develop key competencies that will help you accomplish your goals.
  • GROW CONFIDENCE: The final branch of this mind map takes you through how to grow your confidence. Competence and confidence are, of course, intertwined. When you have one, it’s then easier to grow/develop the other. Here you will discover what it takes to grow your confidence alongside your competence in any area of your life.

This map provides a roadmap for developing competence. Referencing it regularly and committing it to memory will help you to embed these principles into your subconscious mind. Only in this way will you develop optimal habits of mind and patterns of behavior that will help you develop the competence you need to excel in various aspects of your life.

A mind map, of course, does this beautifully because it mirrors the synaptic connections made in your brain as you try to establish new habits of thought and behavior. It brings together key concepts and ideas that help your brain to fully integrate and process this information. The brain, subsequently, rewires itself as it attempts to establish new habits of mind. It’s an ideal tool for creating lasting change and transformation.

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