Instant Gratification Trap

The Instant Gratification Trap IQ Matrix will help you to better understanding the dire long-term consequences and impact that instant gratification has over our lives. Yes, things might initially seem pleasurable as temptations get the best of us, but the future outcomes of your short-term decisions are constantly shaping your long-term future and direction. The map outlines how not to get caught-up within the instant gratification trap, and instead shows you how to re-focus yourself on long-term rewards and the benefits that delayed gratification can bring into our lives.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Instant Gratification Trap IQ Matrix:

  • Gratification Types:  Breaks down the differences between instant gratification and delayed gratification, and the inevitable short and long-term consequences that may result as you travel along each path.
  • Prepare for Action:  Presents you with a five step process you can follow to help you avoid getting trapped by temptations and short-term pleasures that could threaten to derail your desired long-term objectives.
  • Caught in Instant Gratification Trap:  If you ever end up getting caught within the Instant Gratification trap you need a plan to immediately get yourself out. This branch outlines a four step process that will help you break away from indulging in short-term pleasures and temptations.
  • Making Long-term Progress:  Overcoming the habit of Instant Gratification is a process that can take a little time and a lot of effort and self-discipline. The final branch prepares you for the long-haul by presenting you with tips and guidelines that are likely to steer you away from short-term pleasures and instead re-focus you on long-term objectives that will positively impact your life at a higher level.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your daily life and routine, and you will progressively break away from the instant gratification trap and begin making better choices and life decisions that will increase your chances of attaining long-term success, happiness and fulfillment.

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