Social Relationships (mx)

In the previous section, we discussed how external factors influence how we perceive the world through our 5 senses.

This section of the MasterMind Matrix highlights how our intimate relationships, role models, family, and friendships influence our perceptions and view of reality.

Every person in your life, whether in your social circle or within your sphere of influence, impacts your life on some level. More specifically, these people influence the choices you make about your health, finances, and other aspects of your life.

Our culture, society, governments, educational institutions, peers, and the media all influence not only how we perceive the world around us, but also how we go about living our lives.

Everything and everyone around you influences your thoughts, self-concept, decisions, values, beliefs, convictions, psychological rules, emotions, attitudes, language patterns, and other psychological factors that make up the foundational building blocks of your personality.

Social Relationships

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