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Throughout time, evolutionary history has dictated and manufactured our standards and norms. It has influenced society, culture, governments, schools and the development of religious institutions.

Likewise, all these elements have influenced the type of information we produce and share through radio, newspapers, books, television, and via the internet.

This has, subsequently, had a direct impact on our peers who influence us through their behavior, values, beliefs, and the principles they stand for. In fact, their expectations of us — and the expectations we have of ourselves in various situations, — directly impacts how we perceive the world through our five senses.

In addition to this, our past successes, failures, and our memories of those experiences directly influence our perceptions of reality, our decisions, actions, and how we filter our life experiences each day.

Everything around us (past and present) has significantly impacted our lives at a deep psychological level. This, of course, leads us to a very profound realization that we are today what the world has made of us.

Perceptual Influence

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