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Values are a set of standards you have for life. They are the things you believe are most important to the way you live, work, and play.

Values can also be described as labels you give to specific words. These words help represent your emotional experiences, which originate from states of pain and pleasure.

These emotional experiences are often organized into a hierarchy of sorts that helps outline your priorities for life, and for living that life.

When what you do and how you behave is consistent with your values, then life feels good, and you feel good about yourself and life. However, when what you do and how you behave is not aligned with your highest values (priorities for life), then that’s when discomfort and pain sets in.

Your values profoundly influence what you focus on, how you perceive reality, how you evaluate things and the behaviors you choose or choose not to indulge in. If your values are, therefore, not in sync with your daily decisions and actions, then you will tend to feel somewhat dissatisfied with your life.

Personal Values

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