Value Transformation

The Value Transformation IQ Matrix and accompanying 37 page eBook explores how to uncover your values and align them with your personal goals, life’s purpose, and objectives. The map guides you through this process of value transformation by presenting you with a variety of questions that help you to elicit and transform your values. Specifically, the mind map explores the difference between moving away, moving towards, means and ends values. It presents you with a set of questions that will help you structure your values hierarchy. Then finally, the map breaks down how to modify your values to better meet your life’s goals and objectives. Working through this map will help you to find more satisfaction and fulfillment as you go about living your core values. 

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Value Transformation IQ Matrix:

  • What are Personal Values?: The first branch of this map defines what values are, discusses the different types of values including moving towards values, moving away from values, means and ends values. This branch also explores how we tend to form values over a lifetime.
  • Building Your Hierarchy of Values: The second branch of this map presents you with a set of questions to help you identify your current hierarchy of values and build a desired hierarchy of values. These questions are organized into three distinct steps.
  • How to Transform Your Values: The final branch of this map breaks down how to transform your values and rebuild your values hierarchy so that it better meets your goals, objectives, and life’s purpose.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your daily decision and actions, and you will progressively work through the conflicting values that are currently preventing you from living the life you desire to live.

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