References, Ideas and Opinions (mx)

All your beliefs are built upon a set of references that you have collected over time. These references are the foundational building blocks of everything that you have come to believe about yourself, about others, and about your life and circumstances.

References are pieces of evidence that we have collected over time. These references provide us with proof that certain things are a certain way and not another way.

We form these references as we go about our lives, as we talk to people, as we come across new information, as we imagine concepts and ideas, and when we respond emotionally to the events and circumstances of our lives.

When similar and compatible references are coupled together in your mind, that’s when you begin to form ideas about how things are in this world. Additional references then turn those ideas into opinions, which have an even deeper layer of certainty and meaning.

Eventually, over time, as you collect more references, those references turn into beliefs and convictions that profoundly influence your choices and behavior.

References, Ideas and Opinions

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