Neuron Pattern Formation (mx)

All habits-of-mind and patterns of behavior develop over time as neuron networks are strengthened (through repetition) and hardwired into your brain.

Neural scientists postulate that around 85% of our behavior occurs at an unconscious level of awareness. This is behavior conditioned into our psyche that’s a direct result of repetitively going through the same motions and thinking patterns.

Neuron pattern formation is vital to our survival as it allows us to operate on auto-pilot. Without the need to think about everything we are doing, we can focus on things that require conscious thought and awareness. The drawback is that sometimes these conditioned patterns don’t serve or support the goals we are striving to achieve.

When your desire to change your behavior conflicts with your patterns of conditioning, that’s when self-sabotage sets in. In other words, how you have chosen to frame your reality conflicts with how you’ve been programmed. And this is precisely why it’s so difficult to break old habits and patterns of behavior that have built the foundations of your personality.

Neuron Pattern Formation

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