Ego Consciousness (mx)

Your Ego Consciousness is basically the external manifestation of your personality. It is the persona you project out into the world each day. It’s kind of like a mask you wear that hides your true self from the external world.

The Ego Consciousness is often used as a barrier that protects us from psychological harm. This includes protection from judgment, criticism, humiliation, rejection, embarrassment, and ridicule.

Your Ego Consciousness also has another function. It helps you fit in and connect with others by abiding by accepted social standards and norms.

The Ego Consciousness is made up of parts that reflect our emotions, attitudes, and life roles. These parts of our personality are often extremely judgmental and critical whenever we break from the norm. Why? Because they live in fear, seek comfort and consistency. They are ruled by inflexible values and beliefs that guide logic and action.

Even though these parts of ourselves seem to be working against us, they do have a positive intention. And that intention is to protect you from harm.

Ego Consciousness

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