Addressing Client Concerns (mx)

A client will choose to hire a life coach for many different reasons. All these reasons essentially boil down to a concern they have about an aspect of their life.

A client could, for instance, seek guidance to overcome a problem, to achieve a goal or to improve an area of their life. All these concerns are fuelled by the need for growth and self-improvement.

With that in mind, it makes sense that one of the first objectives of life coaching is to obtain a client’s story. Only in this way can we gain a deeper understanding of their concerns. This will, subsequently, provide us with the information we need to help guide them in the right direction through effective questioning techniques.

Coaching is all about empowering your client. It’s about helping them tap into their reservoir of inner-strengths and internal resources that can carry them forward toward their goals. It’s about helping your client work through their own problems — but, not by providing them with answers. Rather by presenting them with questions that help them find the right answers for themselves.

Addressing Client Concerns

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