Neuro-Associations | what are?

Neuro-Associations are the links between thoughts and emotions in your brain. These links effectively create and shape what you think, how you emotionalize and behave in various situations.

Every thought you have is linked to numerous other related thoughts that are associated in some way through common themes and/or experiences. These links create these associations between the thoughts. Moreover, many of these thoughts are of an emotional nature, therefore a single thought can very easily trigger an emotional experience through association, not logic. And that effectively describes the thinking process.

Your daily choices, decisions and actions are a result of these neuro-associations that you have developed over a lifetime of experience. How your neuro-associations link together effectively determines how you feel about your life and circumstances. For instance, for one person happiness and joy could be linked to wealth and material possessions, while for another person happiness and joy could be linked to family and friendships.

Now of course many people gain happiness and joy from both life areas, however the intensity and strength of these connections (associations) will vary from person-to-person. When these connections are strong (resulting from many references and a lifetime of emotionalized experiences) they will bring more happiness and joy. On the other hand, when they are weak and have very few references and emotionalized experiences they will bring less joy and happiness.

The power of neuro-associations is phenomenal. Just consider for a moment associating the experience of suffering setbacks and confronting obstacles with happiness, joy and fun. What could be possible in your life if you formed strong associations of this nature in your brain? It could literally transform your life! And therein essentially lies the power of neuro-associations.

Now of course in order to create these neuro-associations you need to build suitable references and experiences over a period of time that will help form these links and strengthen the relevant desired connections within your brain. This of course isn’t easy, especially when we already have a set of limiting beliefs that hold us back. But it’s also not impossible to make these changes. However, it will require that you begin working on transforming how you think about your life and circumstances. From there you will need to acquire suitable references that help support those thoughts. Moreover, you will need to gain enough experience that helps you form new empowering memories that likewise shape your beliefs of how you perceive the world around you.

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