Problem Solving Model

The Problem Solving Model IQ Matrix explores the process a life coach can use to help their client work through a problem in a rational way. The map presents guidelines and outlines a series of step-by-step questions that can help a coach guide their client to an effective solution to a problem they are facing. With this solution at hand, the client will become more resourceful and able to handle their circumstances much more effectively.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Problem Solving Model IQ Matrix:

  • Probe for Answers:  The first step is to probe the client about their problem. You will specifically need to ask a set of questions that will help you to identify the problem at hand; pinpoint the objective that your client would like to achieve; unlock the path that led up to this problem; explore patterns that may be repeating in your client’s life; identify the emotions that this problem has triggered; clarify various perspectives; and attempt to unlock opportunities for moving forward past this problem.
  • Identify Obstacles:  The second step is to identify the obstacles that might be thwarting your client’s progress. These obstacles can be of an internal or of an external nature. It’s therefore important to zone-in on both types of obstacles in order to identify what might be holding your client back from moving forward toward their desired outcome.
  • Explore Options:  The third step is to explore the various options that your client may have to help them overcome this problem. As you explore these options it will be helpful to play around with various perspectives that will help shift how your client thinks about their problem and circumstances. Only in this way will you challenge them appropriately to break down the walls that are preventing them from moving forward.
  • Take Action:  The final step is to lay down a path for your client to take action and move through their life’s challenges successfully. This of course may not be easy, however if you follow the guidelines presented within this branch you will provide your client with the necessary direction they need to move forward in optimal ways.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate this model into your life coaching practice, and you will progressively help your clients unlock the answers they need to overcome the problems that are preventing them from moving forward. And once these obstacles have been overcome, your clients will become more resourceful and capable of using this model on their own when facing future problems.

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