Life Coaching Wheel

The Life Coaching Wheel IQ Matrix provides a life coach with guidelines that will help them to gain a visual representation of a client’s current and desired reality. This life coaching wheel is based on a very common life coaching tool used within the coaching industry. This tool is ideal to use to help your client find balance in life, especially when dealing with life transition and change.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Life Coaching Wheel IQ Matrix:

  • The Life Wheel:  The first branch introduces the life coaching wheel and the purpose behind this coaching tool. It’s main purpose is to lay down the groundwork for future coaching sessions — particularly to help your client find balance in life. There are however alternate uses for the life wheel. You can for instances use it to help your client prioritize their activities, to track progress toward a goal, to identify gaps in knowledge and skill areas, and more.
  • Begin Process:  Your first task is to identify what life areas your client values most. These are the areas that will become the major focus of the life wheel. Your client must indicate on the life wheel their levels of satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction with certain areas of life. This essentially lays down the groundwork for the activity and for the questions that follow.
  • Life Areas:  Here is where you explore your client’s ratings in more depth and detail. It’s important to do this by asking your client a set of questions about each life area that will challenge them to think about their life in a variety of ways. This branch presents you with numerous questions that you can use for this purpose.
  • Conclude Process:  When concluding this process it’s important to remember that the purpose of this tool is to help your client find balance, while also paving the way forward for the goal setting process. This final branch provides you with the essential guidelines to do exactly that.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate this tool into your life coaching practice, and you will gain valuable insights about your client’s life, priorities and goals. Moreover, these insights will provide you with the relevant answers you need to move your coaching sessions forward in more optimal ways.

For more information about the life coaching wheel, please see The Wheel of Life.

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