Life Coaching Approach 1

The Life Coaching Approach Part 1 IQ Matrix will guide you through the process of life coaching by providing a break down of attending strategies, listening and feedback techniques, and by outlining the process of effective questioning tactics. Of particular importance are the things that a life coach must attend to throughout a coaching session. This of course requires being mindful and present.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Life Coaching Approach Part 1 IQ Matrix:

  • Attending Strategies:  Breaks down the most important factors a life coach must attend to throughout a coaching session. This involves attending to their own body language and psychological tendencies, as well as their client’s language and habitual patterns of behavior.
  • Listening and Feedback:  Delves into critical listening and feedback techniques that a life coach must progressively learn to apply into their coaching routine.
  • Questioning Techniques:  Explores the power of effective questioning as it relates to life coaching.

Stick with these guidelines, memorize and allow them to help you improve your approach as a life coach, and you will progressively develop effective coaching habits that will help you to provide the support and feedback your client’s need in order life’s challenges.

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