Law of Cause-Effect

The Law of Cause-Effect states that all of our thoughts and actions create specific effects that are measurable and predictable — allowing us to take conscious control of our lives. The mind map discusses the premise the life isn’t ruled by accidents or chance encounters; presents the idea that we have always had free choice; lists several questions to help you take charge of your life.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Law of Cause-Effect IQ Matrix:

  • Immutable Law:  Describes the Law of Cause and Effect and how it relates to our everyday thoughts, behaviors and actions.
  • No Accidents:  Discusses the premise that life is not ruled by accidents, chance encounters or luck. It is rather a result of thought manifestations.
  • Free Choice:  Presents the idea that we have always had free choice to choose what we think, say and do. As a result we can unlearn what we have learned and create a better life for ourselves.
  • Analysis:  Lists several transformation analysis questions that will help you to take charge of your thoughts, decisions and actions.

Use the law of cause and effect to your advantage, and you will progressively release a magnetic force that attracts what others call luck or chance encounters into your life.

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