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The Discover Life Purpose IQ Matrix takes you through a very specific set of questions that will help you to gain insights into your life’s purpose, mission and vision. Your life’s purpose is that one thing that’s built around your deepest passions and longings. It is that one thing that brings incredible fulfillment and joy into your life. In fact it is the one thing that really makes life worth living to its fullest. However, this process isn’t just for personal use. This map is also a great tool for life coaches who would like to use these questions to help unlock their clients’ life purpose.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Discover Life Purpose IQ Matrix:

  • Awareness:  The first branch is all about self-awareness. It’s about understanding yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses. It’s about understanding your roles and the impact that they have on your life. And it’s also about understanding yourself through the eyes of others as well as through your family’s legacy.
  • Finding Motivation:  The second branch is designed to help you focus-in on your deepest passions. However, motivation isn’t only about passion, it’s also about focusing on things that give you the most energy and fulfillment. Hidden within these activities are the seeds of your life’s purpose. However, it’s important to keep in mind that at times the most obvious answer might not be the right answer.
  • Unlocking Dreams:  We all have dreams, hopes and aspirations. The third branch helps you to unlock those dreams in numerous ways. The branch specifically presents you questions relating to your desires and to the life experiences that you would like to create in the coming weeks, months and years. This branch also delves into regrets. Sometimes it’s within your regrets that the keys to your life’s purpose are revealed.
  • Lifetime Experiences:  The fourth branch delves into a lifetime of experiences that you’ve had since you were a child. Hidden within these experiences you will find answers that will help you to unlock your life’s purpose. It’s important to note that sometimes it’s the most difficult of experiences that contain within them the seeds of insight we need to discover our purpose for living.
  • Creating the Ideal:  Now it’s time to create the ideal life that you would like to live. The questions presented on the fifth branch of this map help allow you to dream and imagine an ideal life and career path that will bring you incredible joy and fulfillment.
  • Your Higher Calling:  The purpose of the final branch is to gain insights into your higher calling. Your higher calling is in some ways your spiritual purpose. It can also be described as doing something that is greater than yourself and therefore leaving a lasting legacy behind. In other words, it’s all about being of service to others in some way. It’s only when we serve others that lasting fulfillment can be attained.

Spend some time asking yourself these questions and you will progressively gain more clarity about your deepest passions, motivations, longings, and ultimately your life’s purpose. Then once you have identified your life’s purpose, re-prioritize your life and commit yourself fully to bring your life purpose to fruition. Only then will you find the fulfillment and joy you have been longing for all these years.

The content for this map was adapted from: Coaching Questions: A Coach’s Guide to Powerful Asking Skills, written by Tony Stoltzfus.

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