Current Reality Identification

The Current Reality Identification IQ Matrix will help you to identify a client’s obstacles, their tendencies towards failure, and the GAP between their current reality and desired outcomes. Your first objective will be to ask a series of questions that will unlock the obstacles that are impeding your client’s progress. After which you will delve into their failure strategy and GAP analysis process.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Current Reality Identification IQ Matrix:

  • Analyze Obstacles:  Pieces together a set of critical questions that enable a life coach to break down the obstacles that are impeding their client’s progress.
  • Analyze Strategy for Failure:  Identifies the client’s psychological strategy for failure and the impact that this has on their life.
  • Analysis of the GAP:  Analyzes the psychological and behavioral GAP between the client’s past, present and desired future.

Stick with these guidelines, memorize and allow them to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your client’s mental and physical patterns, and you will progressively unlock the keys to their psychological habitual tendencies.

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