The First Life Coaching Session

The First Life Coaching Session IQ Matrix takes you through the first life coaching session with a new coaching client. The mind map and accompanying 20 page eBook lays down an outline you can follow that helps structure your first coaching session. The map specifically breaks down the purpose of life coaching, client and coaching roles, the barriers to effective coaching, how to establish and build rapport during your coaching session, and how to leave your client feeling committed, motivated and inspired. First Life Coaching Session

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the First Life Coaching Session IQ Matrix:

  • The Purpose of Life Coaching: The first branch of this map outlines the purpose of life coaching, its various benefits, and the value it can bring to each coaching client.
  • Life Coaching Roles: The second branch of this map defines clear roles for the coach and coachee for each life coaching sessions. By fulfilling these roles, the coach and coachee are able to work together for the client’s greatest benefit.
  • Barriers to Life Coaching: The third branch of this map explores barriers to coaching that a life coach must address and minimize before working with their client. These barriers prevent open and clear communication.
  • How to Establish Rapport: The fourth branch of this map outlines a four-step process to help a life coach establish deeper levels of rapport with their coaching client.
  • Finding Motivation: The final branch of this map sets the scene for future coaching sessions by helping the client find the focus and motivation needed to commit to their chosen objectives.

Stick to these guidelines, memorize and incorporate them into your first life coaching session, and you will progressively develop a solid framework for establishing rapport and for coaching your clients beyond their first coaching session.

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