Managing Chronic Pain

The Managing Chronic Pain IQ Matrix will help you to manage your chronic pain far more effectively by following simple guidelines pertaining to your diet, mindset and daily routine. Living with chronic pain is never easy but it is certainly something that we can learn to manage more effectively by making smarter daily choices that will help reduce inflammation, strengthen the mind and relax the body. In fact, by following the guidelines outlined within this map, you can significantly reduce the impact it has on your life.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Managing Chronic Pain IQ Matrix:

  • Understanding Chronic Pain: The first branch of this map discusses what chronic pain is all about. More importantly it provides you with guidelines on how to view your chronic pain in a more optimal way to help you manage it far more effectively throughout the day.
  • Daily Nutrition: The second branch takes you through some nutritional guidelines that will help you to effectively reduce inflammation. Inflammation is after all typically the source of pain. The branch specifically breaks down the inflammatory producing foods that must be removed from your diet and the anti-inflammatory foods that you should focus on adding to your diet. Following these guidelines will help you to effectively minimize inflammation thereby reducing pain and discomfort.
  • Daily Mindset: The third branch explores a variety of techniques you can use to help you deal with your chronic pain far more effectively. All of these techniques involve thinking about your pain in a very specific way that helps reduce its intensity and the impact it has on your life.
  • Daily Routine: The final branch of this map takes you through daily actions, habits and routines you can develop that will help nurture your body and mind. These are all simple actions you can take that will promote greater health and well-being to help you manage your chronic pain far more effectively.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your daily management plan, and you will progressively begin making smarter choices that will help reduce inflammation, strengthen your mind and relax your body. All these factors in combination will help you to more effectively manage your chronic pain and therefore allowing you to take back control over your life, health and well-being.

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