Basketball Passing Skills

The Basketball Passing Skills IQ Matrix will help you learn the fundamentals of basketball passing technique with one hand, two hands, and off the dribble strategies. It’s an ideal tool for coaches who are coaching junior basketball players. Also great for young players who are learning the fundamentals of the game.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of this Basketball Passing IQ Matrix to help you master some primary passing fundamentals:

  • Off the Dribble Passing:  Includes Air Pass, Bounce Pass, Hook Pass and Discus Pass.
  • One Hand Passing:  Includes Air Flick, Bounce Pass (standard, drop, hook), Wrap Around, Around the Back, Sky Hook, Lop Pass, Down Up Wrist Flick, Bowling Pass, Baseball Pass and Dribble Pitch.
  • Two Hand Passing:  Includes Bounce Pass, Dribble Pitch, Overhead Pass, Against the Grain Pass, Across the Face Skip Pass, and Chest Pass.

Stick with these principles, memorize them and incorporate them into your basketball training regime, and you will progressively improve your basketball passing ability over time to help you gain an edge on the basketball court.

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