Financial Intelligence

The Financial Intelligence IQ Matrix will help you overcome the limitations of a financial poverty stricken mindset, and move you forward towards greater wealth and abundance in your life. The mind map breaks down the mindset of competent money managers; shows you how to design your life on purpose; explores the principles of money management, and more.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Financial Intelligence IQ Matrix:

  • The Financial Mindset:  Breaks down the mindset of a financially competent money manager.
  • Intentional Life Design:  Helps you to design your life on purpose to provide you with the momentum you need to jump onto the path towards financial freedom.
  • Financial Awareness:  Discover how to update your financial IQ by learning about the principles behind managing money more effectively.
  • Strategies for Making Money:  From property to investing. This final branch breaks down of some effective strategies that will help you build long-term wealth and financial freedom.

Stick with these principles, memorize them and incorporate them into your daily money management habits, and you will progressively move closer to the financial success you envision in your mind’s eye.

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