Six Pillars of Work-Life Balance

The Six Pillars of Work-Life Balance IQ Matrix outlines six areas of our life that we need to balance in order to achieve long-term fulfillment. The map first takes you through a self-analysis process of your life and your emotions. This lays down the foundations for the remainder of the map that shows you how to achieve work-life balance in leisure, family, self-improvement, relationships and children. 

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Six Pillars of Work-Life Balance IQ Matrix:

  • Self-Analysis:  Work-life balance is instigated when we take time to analyze the impact of our thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions. Understanding the consequences of these will help us to better understand what we must do to achieve work-life balance in the future.
  • Analyzing Your Emotions:  Work-life balance is impossible to achieve if we are unable to manage our emotions effectively. This branch shows how to monitor and manage this process.
  • Achieving Personal Balance:  Introduces the six pillars of balance which include work, leisure, family, self-improvement, relationships and children. Work-life balance is achieved when all these areas are managed successfully and consistently.
  • Plan of Action:  In the end, work-life balance can only be achieved with a clear plan of action. This branch therefore outlines the questions we should ask and the areas we must focus on moving forward towards our goal of achieving work-life balance.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your personal and professional life and you will find that achieving work-life balance is actually quite simple and straight-forward the moment you are able to monitor and manage your psychology more effectively.

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