Ultimate Brainstorming

The Ultimate Brainstorming IQ Matrix delves into the process of brainstorming to help solve organization-wide problems. The map specifically breaks down the process of group brainstorming within a workshop environment. Brainstorming is one of those critical activities that is often overlooked and can save a company an ample amount of time, money and resources when solving problems and/or before undertaking new initiatives. Not only does it provide value to the company as a whole, but it is also of great value to each employee who partakes in the brainstorming sessions.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Ultimate Brainstorming IQ Matrix:

  • Advantages of Brainstorming:  The first branch of this map walks you through some of the main advantages of brainstorming on both a personal and a company-wide level. However, these benefits are not just limited to organizations. Each individual who goes through the process of brainstorming can gain similar value from this process.
  • Preparing for Brainstorming:  The second branch walks you through a four step process that will help you and your organization prepare for a brainstorming session. The steps involve laying out your goals and areas of focus; setting boundaries for the session; identifying available resources and requirements; selecting a suitable location and creating a schedule for the day’s brainstorming activities.
  • Executing the Brainstorming Session:  The third branch explores the process of how to successfully execute a brainstorming session. Two key components of this process include outlining the ground rules for brainstorming and putting together a session structure and theme for the day. This structure typically involves five steps starting with the statement of the problem that lays down the groundwork for what’s to come.
  • Brainstorming Activities:  The final branch of this map explores just a few of the many activities you can use throughout the brainstorming session. You would initially begin the session with a few Ice-Breaker activities that are used for connecting participants; for setting expectations; and for getting started with brainstorming. Then afterwards you can typically get into the more involving brainstorming activities that sit at the core of the session. Two brainstorming activities explored within the map include the Fishbone Diagram and Post-Up. Many more activities are included within Arthur Kaptein’s Ultimate Brainstorming book.

The brainstorming process is something that takes time and effort. It is something that also requires a company wide commitment to the process. However, the more time put into brainstorming, the more you and your organization will gain from this process to help you solve organization-wide problems and/or develop new ideas for the next breakthrough product or service. The time you put into this process will undoubtedly pay you back far more than the initial investment in saved time, money and breakthrough insights.

This IQ Matrix was adapted from Arthur Kaptein’s book Ultimate Brainstorming.

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