Dealing with Humiliation

The Dealing with Humiliation IQ Matrix explores how to handle being humiliated. The mind map specifically breaks down a seven-step process you can use to help you overcome humiliation, along with how to protect yourself from humiliation. It’s important to note here that humiliation is not the same as feeling ashamed. The map provides a good distinction between the two, but in general feeling ashamed is a private experience, while feeling humiliated is a public experience. 

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Dealing with Humiliation IQ Matrix:

  • Humiliation: The first branch of this map explores what humiliation means, the consequences of being humiliated, and provides a distinction between what it means to feel ashamed and humiliated.
  • Dealing with Humiliation: The second and third branch of this map breaks down a seven-step process you can use to help you learn from and overcome your feelings of humiliation.
  • Protection from Humiliation: The final branch of this map pinpoints how to inoculate yourself from possible future humiliating experiences.

As you progressively work through this map you will gain deep insights and understandings of how to effectively handle yourself when facing a humiliating experience. Working through the seven-step process will help you to work through your emotions and insecurities far more effectively.

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