Creating Momentum

The Creating Momentum IQ Matrix will help you to build an incredible amount of momentum that will carry you forward towards the attainment of your career goals and objectives. The mind map guides you through the process of reassessing your goals; provides you suggestions on how to find a mentor and how to build partnerships; explores how to take initiative, and more.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Creating Momentum IQ Matrix:

  • Reassess Goals:  As you are moving towards the attainment of your goals, it’s important to periodically reassess them and ask yourself five fundamental questions that will lead you down the right path.
  • Find Mentors:  We always need guidance along our journey; we need people to give us feedback and help us adjust our course if we stray in the wrong direction. Mentors are absolutely critical, and this branch provides you with guidelines on how to find the right mentor.
  • Build Partnerships:  Success cannot be achieved alone. For this reason we need to build relationships and partner with people who can help us attain our goals and objectives. This branch provides some guidance in this area.
  • Take Initiative:  Those who succeed and create momentum moving towards the attainment of their goals do so by taking initiative and proactive action in the right direction.
  • Forward Planning:  In order to get-ahead you need to learn to plan-ahead. This branch presents you with 13 questions you can ask yourself and a few tips to help you develop unstoppable momentum as you move forward towards your goals.

Stick with these principles, memorize the suggestions and apply them into your life, and you will develop the momentum you need to propel you forward towards the achievement of your goals and objectives.

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