Purpose Drive Life

The Purpose Driven Life IQ Matrix explores the key elements that go into living life with a higher level of purpose and meaning. Living with purpose essentially comes down to infusing meaning into everything we do. Specifically, purposeful living is about directing our intentions and actions toward meaningful experiences, objectives, and endeavors. […]

Productivity Blueprint

The Productivity Blueprint IQ Matrix explores what it truly takes to master the art of productivity. There are, of course, plenty of suggestions and guidelines out there that provide their own unique take on how to boost productivity. However, when it comes down to it, productivity is about focusing on a few […]

Develop Competence

The Develop Competence IQ Matrix explores what it takes to develop a high level of competence and confidence in key areas of your life. Competence and confidence are often intertwined. One relies on the other when successfully performing a task. If we can, therefore, develop the competence to do something, then we […]

Hack Insecurity

The Hack Insecurity IQ Matrix explores how to overcome various forms of insecurity that stem from a fear of uncertainty. Whenever we feel insecure about something, there is this lingering feeling of uneasiness and uncertainty. At that moment, we’re not quite sure of ourselves, of our ability, and of our capacity to […]

Heal Grief

The Heal Grief IQ Matrix explores how to get through the grief that results from a loss of some kind. The loss doesn’t necessarily need to come in the form of grieving over a loved one’s death. It could be the loss of a relationship, a friendship, a job, or a loss […]

Heal Depression

The Heal Depression IQ Matrix explores how to get through emotional struggles and moments in our lives when we feel hopeless, helpless and worthless. These are all signs of mild forms of depression. Understanding how to effectively work through these emotional challenges can help get our life back on track. This mind […]

Opportunity Evaluator

The Opportunity Evaluator IQ Matrix explores a decision-making process you can go through that will help you to effectively evaluate projects, opportunities or ventures that you’re taking under consideration. This mind map provides you with an effective decision-making framework you can use throughout the day to help you make optimal decisions as […]

Heal Shame

The Heal Shame IQ Matrix explores how to better manage and work through feelings of shame. There are many authentic and helpful emotions that we experience throughout our lives. Shame, however, isn’t one of these emotions. Feeling ashamed does us no good. Guilt and regret, for instance, provide us with valuable feedback […]

Hack Regret

The Hack Regret IQ Matrix explores how to work through feelings of regret that can often sabotage our state of mind and the hope we have for the future. Living with regret weighs heavily on the heart and can at times trigger deeper feelings of dissatisfaction and depression. Moreover, it can negatively […]

Hack Guilt

The Hack Guilt IQ Matrix explores a straightforward and progressive method you can use to ease and release feelings of guilt. Living with guilt is a huge burden that nobody should have to deal with. It saps our energy and makes life miserable. This mind map walks you through a four-step process […]