Break Limiting Beliefs

The Break Limiting Beliefs IQ Matrix explores how to overcome the limiting beliefs that hold you back in life. Whether you have a goal you cannot achieve, a problem you are unable to solve, or a mental barrier you struggle to cross, this map lays down a framework on how to conquer […]

Break Bad Habits

The Break Bad Habits IQ Matrix explores how to change any unhelpful habit into an empowering habit that serves your greater good. Habit change doesn’t come easy. Often, we recognize what needs to change, but rarely do we commit ourselves fully towards making our desired changes stick. If you’ve failed to change […]

When Feeling Bad

The When Feeling Bad IQ Matrix explores how to get yourself back on track when you’re feeling bad, and your productivity is slipping away. We all go through periods when doubts, stress, worry, and fear set in. These nagging feelings not only make us feel horrible, but they also impact how we […]

Live the Dream

The Live the Dream IQ Matrix explores how to progressively begin living your dreams in the present (in small ways) while preparing yourself to fully realize your dreams in the future. There is no need to wait for some idealized vision of the future to become your reality when you can begin […]

Realize Your Goals

The Realize Your Goals IQ Matrix explores what it takes to progressively and intentionally set and accomplish your biggest goals. Realizing one’s goals is easier said than done. Many people have goals, but only a tiny percentage of those people end up achieving them. Why is that? The answer is simple, but […]

Sustainable Motivation

The Sustainable Motivation IQ Matrix explores what it takes to generate and maintain the high levels of motivation required to accomplish your goals. Losing motivation is natural. It happens to everyone. High achievers, however, understand how to generate motivation when they need it. They recognize that motivation is like a muscle that […]

Emotional Hardship

The Emotional Hardship IQ Matrix explores how to work through periods of emotional struggle when life gets the better of you. Life is uncertain, and problems are unpredictable. It’s easy to get frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed when you feel as though you’ve lost control. And when our emotions get the […]

Conflict Resolution

The Conflict Resolution IQ Matrix explores how to work through a conflict or disagreement between two people. The framework outlined within this map can be used to resolve a dispute between a couple in an intimate relationship or any conflict between two people in a family, social, or workplace setting. The underlying […]

Inspire a Movement

The Inspire a Movement IQ Matrix explores how to get people behind a worthy cause that leads to progressive change and transformation. This can, of course, relate to social injustice or be an extension of your product, service or idea. At the heart of every movement is a passionate individual who has […]

Sell Info Products – Part 2

The Sell Info Products (Part 2) IQ Matrix explores a process of proven steps you can take to persuasively sell information products online. This process of steps can either be in the form of a written sales letter, a video sales letter, or a combination of both. This particular map takes you […]