Strengthen Your Relationship

The Strengthen Your Relationship IQ Matrix explores how to build a stronger emotional connection with your romantic partner. Strong relationships are built upon a solid foundation of trust, respect, and mutual understanding. Whenever these elements are missing, a relationship tends to fragment over time. This map walks you through how to establish […]

Goal Inspired Discipline

The Goal Inspired Discipline IQ Matrix explores how to develop the self-discipline you need to accomplish your most ambitious goals. Having discipline means acting in accordance with your long-term goals regardless of how motivated you feel. Discipline, therefore, requires us to push through short-term discomfort to secure long-term gains. This map walks […]

Habit Builder

The Habit Builder IQ Matrix explores a proven process for building empowering habits and uninstalling outdated negative habits. Our entire lives are run by psychological patterns and algorithms that determine how we think, what we do, and ultimately the results we realize. Most of the time, these patterns run on auto-pilot in […]

Doing Deep Work

The Doing Deep Work IQ Matrix explores what it takes to completely immerse yourself in the most important things that will dramatically accelerate your results. Life is filled with endless distractions. These distractions come from the external environment as well as from within ourselves. And when we’re preoccupied with distractions, we fail […]

Architect Your Day

The Architect Your Day IQ Matrix explores how to take back control of your day by consciously and intentionally crafting your morning and evening routines. You shape who you are every moment with the choices you make and actions you take. With that said, what you do in the morning […]

Mental Resurgence

The Mental Resurgence IQ Matrix explores how to gather the strength and mental stamina you need to overcome life’s struggles. When life pulls you down, you can either stay down or pick yourself right back up again. How you face your struggles is a true reflection of your character and your ability […]

Mental Resilience

The Mental Resilience IQ Matrix explores how to strengthen your mindset to help you overcome periods of struggle. We all face adversity throughout our lives. And it’s how we face those challenges that define us, builds our character, and shapes the direction of our lives. Understanding how to successfully work through periods […]

Overcome FoMO

The Overcome FoMO IQ Matrix explores how to overcome the fear of missing out by embracing the moment and making the most of your circumstances. We experience FoMO when we overestimate how good another experience is while devaluing our own experience. FoMO can lead to debilitating anxiety, apprehension, regret, envy, and general […]

Live Courageously

The Live Courageously IQ Matrix explores how to be bold in thought and action while pursuing the things you want in life. People often have the desire and ambition to accomplish their goals. However, only the high achievers of this world have the necessary courage to follow through with their aspirations. This […]

Impact People

The Impact People IQ Matrix explores how to impact the lives of those around you in empowering ways. Although influencing people is part of the formula, this isn’t so much about influence but rather about providing people with the guidance and direction they need to make better decisions that move their lives […]