Overcome FoMO

The Overcome FoMO IQ Matrix explores how to overcome the fear of missing out by embracing the moment and making the most of your circumstances. We experience FoMO when we overestimate how good another experience is while devaluing our own experience. FoMO can lead to debilitating anxiety, apprehension, regret, envy, and general […]

Live Courageously

The Live Courageously IQ Matrix explores how to be bold in thought and action while pursuing the things you want in life. People often have the desire and ambition to accomplish their goals. However, only the high achievers of this world have the necessary courage to follow through with their aspirations. This […]

Impact People

The Impact People IQ Matrix explores how to impact the lives of those around you in empowering ways. Although influencing people is part of the formula, this isn’t so much about influence but rather about providing people with the guidance and direction they need to make better decisions that move their lives […]

Productivity Clarifier

The Productivity Clarifier IQ Matrix explores how to gain the clarity you need to work more productively throughout the day. Many of us spend an ample amount of time focusing on the wrong things. We do things that keep us busy but don’t get us anywhere. These low-impact activities make us feel […]

Raise Goal Necessity

The Raise Goal Necessity IQ Matrix explores how to heighten the hunger and motivation you need to accomplish your biggest and boldest goals. Many people don’t achieve their goals simply because they never made it a “necessity.” In other words, they didn’t make the goal an important enough aspect of their life. […]

Raise Your Energy

The Raise Your Energy IQ Matrix explores how to boost your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy levels. When you maximize your energy, you feel alive, engaged in what you’re doing, and invigorated. Your energy vibrates at a higher frequency, improving your emotional stability, physical stamina, and cognitive performance. This likewise boosts […]

Clarity of Intention

The Clarity of Intention IQ Matrix explores how to set clear intentions for your day to help you accomplish your desired goals and objectives. Specifically, the map covers how to set intentions for how to live your life, for how you feel, for what you do, and for the changes […]

Stop Freaking Out!

The Stop Freaking Out IQ Matrix explores how to avoid the trap of overreacting to the drama, struggles, and setbacks that life inevitably throws our way. When unexpected problems arise, it’s easy to lose our minds and think the worst of our circumstances. However, habitual responses such as this never help or […]

Eradicate Negativity

The Eradicate Negativity IQ Matrix explores how to control your thoughts, focus, and attention and redirect it toward desirable outcomes that help you make the best of your circumstances. This map provides a framework for reprogramming your mind away from negative thinking and toward positive outcomes. Changing your negative patterns of thinking, […]

Strengthen Your Grit

The Strengthen Your Grit IQ Matrix explores how to fortify your mindset and develop critical habits and skills that will allow you to channel the grit you need to accomplish your goals. Grit is an inner hunger and drive built upon the foundations of consistent hard work and continuous improvement. When you […]