Unlocking Personality

The Unlocking Personality IQ Matrix explores how to better understand people and their behavior at a deeper psychological level. The mind map will effectively help you to profile people at a basic level of understanding in a similar way an FBI Profiler profiles a suspect. The mind map breaks down the various areas of another person’s behavior, personality, and appearance that you must attend to in social situations. It highlights the four personality types and how to influence them at a fundamental level. The mind map also discusses three communication types and how to adapt your behavior to each style. Finally, the mind map breaks down the signs of deception that you must look out for to identify whether or not another person is being genuine and honest in their interactions with you. Unlocking Personality

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Unlocking Personality Equation IQ Matrix:

  • Understanding Psychological Recipes: The first branch of this map challenges you to become more aware and attentive to people’s appearance, behavior, and psychological tendencies. In this way, you will better understand people’s goals, values, beliefs, and motives in various situations.
  • The Four Personality Styles: The second branch of this map breaks down four fundamental personality types. It also presents you with several simple suggestions you can immediately use to develop deeper levels of rapport with each personality style.
  • The Three Communication Types: The third branch of this map explains how to identify each of the four communication types. It also explores various methods you can use to influence these types to your way of thinking.
  • The Signs of Deception: The final branch of this map presents you with several key psychological deception signals to help you determine whether or not someone is being genuine and honest with you.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your daily psychological assessment of the people in your life. As you do this you will progressively begin to understand people at a far deeper level. Subsequently, you will have far more influence over their thoughts, actions, and behavior.

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