Unhelpful Thinking Styles

The Unhelpful Thinking Styles IQ Matrix will help you to better understand how your thinking influences your life and perspective of the world and circumstances. Each of these 10 unhelpful thinking styles naturally shifts your understanding of reality. Becoming aware of these tendencies will help you to take control of your thoughts and your life in remarkable ways.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Unhelpful Thinking Styles IQ Matrix:

  • Mental Filter:  Filtering In and Out information negatively.
  • Jumping to Conclusions:  Making quick negative assumptions.
  • Personalization:  Blaming self for everything.
  • Black and White Thinking:  Seeing only extremes of any situation.
  • Catastrophising:  Making problems seem more horrible then they are in reality.
  • Overgeneralization:  Making broad generalizations upon little evidence.
  • Shoulding and Musting:  Putting unreasonable pressures and demands on self.
  • Labeling:  Making global statements labeling others and self upon behavior in very specific situations.
  • Magnification and Minimization:  Magnifying positive attributes of others, while minimizing personal attributes.
  • Emotional Reasoning:  Taking emotions as evidence of truth.

By learning to become consciously aware of these Unhelpful Thinking Styles, you will begin to take control of your patterns of thinking and therefore be better able to redirect them in far more productive and effective ways.

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