Strength to Forgive

The Strength to Forgive IQ Matrix will help you to find the strength within yourself to forgive others for the hurts that they have inflicted on you. However, this isn’t only about forgiving others. In order to fully heal, you must also find the strength to forgive yourself for the hurts you’ve inflicted on others, or simply for the mistakes you’ve made. Forgiveness may very well be the catalyst that releases you from living a life full of animosity and regret.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Strength to Forgive IQ Matrix:

  • Understanding Forgiveness:  Provides you with some unique insights into the act of forgiveness and the impact it has on all our lives. Reading through this branch you will come to understand how your own thoughts cause you pain. It’s all about letting go of the attachment you have to this pain. That’s the only way you will ever find the strength to move forward in a more positive way.
  • Forgiving Other People:  It’s not easy to forgive another person, especially if they have hurt you. However, there are many benefits to forgiveness for both yourself and the other person. This branch specifically looks at how to go about forgiving another person. It presents you with a five step process you can use to let go of all emotional attachments by learning to forgive others for their actions, words and mistakes.
  • Guidelines for Forgiveness:  Sometimes you might not be able to forgive another person directly, however that shouldn’t stop you from accepting forgiveness within yourself. This branch provides you with some insights into forgiving other people indirectly. It also provides you with some additional suggestions that will allow you to become more aware of your personal needs and boundaries.
  • Forgiving Yourself:  Forgiving others is only one side of the coin. You also need to be able to forgive yourself for your mistakes. Maybe you hurt another person, or maybe you hurt yourself. Or just maybe you are being too hard on yourself. Either way it might be time to forgive yourself and release the emotional burden that you have been holding onto all this time.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your life, and you will progressively find the strength within yourself to forgive others for the hurts they have inflicted on you. Likewise you will also find the strength to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have personally made — thereby releasing yourself from the incredible emotional burden you’re carrying within.

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