The Art of Self-Control

The Art of Self-Control IQ Matrix explores how to strengthen your self-control to help you successfully override unwanted impulses, feelings, thoughts, habits and temptations. The map however also looks at the subtle difference between self-control and willpower. On the surface both seem to allude to the same act of refraining from doing something. This is of course true, however there are some subtle differences that make one significantly more effective than the other. Working through this map will help you to better understand what self-control is about and how to utilize it to achieve your goals and objectives.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Art of Self-Control IQ Matrix:

  • What is Willpower?: The first branch of this map breaks down what willpower is all about and how we typically use it throughout the day. Willpower is, of course, a limited resource that gets sapped and drained the more it is used. But how specifically does this happen? Details are provided within this branch.
  • What is Self-Control?: The second branch of this map explores the subtle differences between willpower and self-control. One of these differences comes down to the fact that when we use willpower it comes across as a defensive mechanism resulting from conflicting values and desires. On the other hand, when we have self-control it is naturally congruent with existing values and desires. More differences are revealed within this branch.
  • Strengthening Self-Control: The third branch examines how to strengthen self-control to help us achieve our desired goals and objectives. One of the key guidelines here is to develop systems and processes that help minimize the number of decisions you make throughout the day. It’s these decisions that weaken your level of self-control when it comes to getting the most important stuff done.
  • Rejuvenating Self-Control: The final branch of this map explores how to rejuvenate self-control that has already been lost. Studies have shown that self-control is tied to our blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar level drops so does your ability to resist temptations or make decisions. As such, it’s important to eat regular snacks throughout the day if you desire to keep your levels of self-control topped up at all times. More guidelines for rejuvenating self-control are also provided on this branch of the map.

As you progressively work through this map you will begin to understand the subtle differences between self-control and willpower. Using this understanding you will learn to manage your self-control far more effectively throughout the day. As a result you will develop a higher level of tolerance against temptations and have the strength, motivation and clarity of mind to make more effective decisions.

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