Building Empowering Rituals

The Building Empowering Rituals IQ Matrix explores the little things you can do each and every day that can dramatically improve your life for the better. It is after all very often the little things that make the most difference. Have a think about all the small actions you take and the seemingly insignificant decisions you make throughout the day that you take for granted. What if these things are not as insignificant as you think they are? What if these things are pulling you away from the life you would like to live? And what if you could make small tweaks to these decisions and actions that could help enhance your life in innumerable ways? All this is possible as long as you are willing to adopt some new empowering rituals.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Building Empowering Rituals IQ Matrix:

  • Your Daily Rituals:  Let’s first take a look at your daily rituals. These are the things you consistently do on a daily basis that you barely give any thought or attention to. Yes, these things might seem insignificant, but did you know that they shape every decision you make and action you take. In other words, they shape the direction of your life, for better or worse. This branch explores the kinds of rituals you need to focus on building. The branch also takes you through a self-analysis questioning process that will help you to pinpoint what areas of your life you need to give most attention to when building new rituals.
  • Morning Rituals:  Have you ever thought about your morning routine, and whether or not it gets your day started in the right way? This branch is designed to help you revolutionize your morning routine by encouraging you to adopt a variety of rituals that will help build your confidence; keep you motivated; and create the momentum you need to get your day started in an optimal way.
  • Workday Rituals:  Have you ever considered that you might not be working to your fullest capacity? What are you potentially leaving on the table each and every day? This branch of the map will provide you with the guidance you need to build empowering working rituals that will help boost your attention, concentration, while also enabling you to stay focused and productive throughout the day.
  • Evening Rituals:  Do you tend to partake in mindless activities before going to bed? Did you know that these rituals are preventing you from reaching your fullest potential? This branch explores how to build empowering evening rituals that will help you grow and develop yourself in innumerable ways. Your evenings present you with the perfect opportunity to learn from your day’s experiences, while also laying a better path forward for the next day.
  • Success Rituals:  The final branch of this map breaks down typical rituals that high achievers often partake in. These rituals might seem simple on the surface, however don’t let that fool you into thinking that these rituals are not effective. These rituals are in fact very empowering and can provide you with an incredible amount of insight and momentum — as long as you take the time to partake in them regularly.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your life, and you will progressively develop a whole new set of empowering daily rituals that will help keep you motivated, focused and on track moving towards your desired outcomes. But what if you ignore this advice and choose to keep indulging in your current rituals? Are you really willing to bear the consequences of this decision?

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