Build Remarkable Reputation

The Build a Remarkable Reputation IQ Matrix explores what it takes to develop an exceptional reputation at work and in life. When you take the time to build a remarkable reputation it naturally enhances your value to the people you serve. This subsequently attracts more opportunities your way that can advance your career forward, help you earn more money, get that promotion, and create a better quality of life. To build a remarkable reputation requires having pride, pursuing excellence, making a commitment to becoming extraordinary, and ensuring that you’re always thorough and diligent with your work and efforts. Build a Remarkable Reputation

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Build Remarkable Reputation IQ Matrix:

  • Have Pride: The first branch of this map highlights the importance of taking pride in the work you do and in the life you live. To be proud means holding yourself to the highest of standards of performance and accepting nothing less than your best.
  • Pursue Excellence: The second branch of this map breaks down what it takes to live in the pursuit of excellence. When you hold yourself to the highest standards of excellence, you are committing yourself to producing superior results consistently over time. And it’s these results that get you noticed and build your reputation.
  • Become Extraordinary: The third branch of this map examines what it takes to become extraordinary. To become extraordinary requires doing extraordinary things that other people aren’t willing to do. It means stretching yourself beyond what you thought was possible while consistently challenging yourself in new and unique ways.
  • Be Thorough: The final branch of this map highlights the importance of being thorough in all that you do. Being thorough means paying attention to the details and making sure that you do everything right the first time around. Getting things right and doing things well will help you build a remarkable reputation.

As you work through this map, you will progressively discover what it takes to build a remarkable reputation. This is, of course, something that you need to work on consistently over time. After all, it takes a lifetime to build a solid track record, and only a moment to screw it all up.

This map was inspired by The 100 Day Challenge.

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