Problem Solving

The Problem Solving IQ Matrix will help improve your ability to overcome any problem more effectively. The information and techniques contained within the mind map are also quite flexible and adaptable. The mind map breaks down the problem solving mindset; delves into the six step problem solving method; and presents you with some problem solving techniques.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Problem Solving IQ Matrix:

  • Problem Solver Traits:  Outlines the attitude, beliefs, habits and characteristics of an outstanding problem solver.
  • Problem Solving Process:  Breaks down the primary problem solving method you should use to overcome the challenges confronting your life.
  • Problem Solving Guidelines:  Explores the mindset you must cultivate into your daily thinking regime, and the actions required to help you become an effective problems solver.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your daily thinking regime, and you will progressively overcome any obstacle in your life by using simple yet very effective problem solving methods.

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